UFOP Market Information Oilseeds and Biofuels

he latest UFOP (Union zur Förderung von Öl- und Proteinpflanzen) Market Information Oilseeds and Biofuels reports on the development of rapeseed and biodiesel versus mineral diesel.


Welcome to network-biofuels.at!

This webpage serves as a platform for the "Network Biofuels", which provides an intensive information exchange between Austrian biofuels stakeholders.

In order to reach the ambitious aims of the Renewable Energy Directive, concerted actions of all players is essential. The Austrian Network Biofuels serves to disseminate important information that becomes available through the Austrian participation in IEA Bioenergy Task 39. Besides providing recent news and the opportunity to download publications, this webpage also offers basic knowledge on biofuels and a database with Austrian experts and research projects.